Child Services

Ward Halverson has been working with children for twenty years, as a teacher, child therapist, college instructor, tutor, camp counselor, lifeguard, residential therapist, EMT, writer, and more. He believes that no one is ever more of an expert on a child than the child's parents, and really the child him or herself. However, understanding the child within the context of the family, school, friends, and the larger social network is equally important. Ward Halverson and his colleagues are extremely respectful of the unique bond between family members and, particularly during adolescence, between children and their friends. He looks within otherwise-complex situations to help children develop clinical goals and then actively and successfully pursue them. Working with a team of subject-matter experts, Ward supervises the process to achieve those goals, and help families meet their intended goals. Oftentimes this process is about ending childhood defiance, in which case Ward works closely and directly with the parents themselves, using the SimpleThree system, to improve not just the child's ability to follow the rules and accept direction, but to ultimately succeed in every other aspect of life. Children are usually referred back to members of the clinical team for individual therapy if indicated and potentially-useful.

Whatever the case, use the sub-headings presented on this web page as a way to, hopefully better-understand your own unique dynamic.