Family Services

Families are the most basic functional unit of our country, the foundation in which children are raised and then sent off into our modern society. Although a great deal of energy, in Ward Halverson's clinical practice, can seem to be going into a child, oftentimes it's really being channeled into more effective parenting, or improvement of the family dynamic itself. It is through the process of parenting, after all, that children are - largely - successful, or struggle. The term "nuclear family" is commonly used, especially in the United States and Europe, to refer to conjugal families, those that are bound together by bloodlines. Sociologists distinguish between conjugal families and nuclear families (which maintain relatively close ties with their kindreds). However, the term "extended family" is more common, and ultimately more accurate. In Upstate New York this definition shifts into the "blended family" concept, which is relatively common and rarely problem by itself. Rather, some members of the blended family struggle to adapt to its unique nature. Ward Halverson and his colleagues are unusually-qualified to help families, as families are their primary training, expertise, and focus.

Whatever the case, use the sub-headings presented on this web page as a way to, hopefully better-understand your own unique family dynamic and the role it may play in your, and your family member's, lives.