Individual Services

Individual therapy is the process of assessing an otherwise-complex problem, behavioral and thinking patterns, emotional dysregulation, and individual history, and helping someone effectively make sense of it. This involves careful development of a few measurable and specific clinical goals. Every individual's situation is different, unique, and warmly-respected in Ward Halverson's office, both by Ward himself and the team of clinicians that are often involved (but only with the patient's complete understanding and permission). Therapy is also a relationship of trust and consultation. Good clinicians are able to maintain the patient's clinical focus while exploring their feelings, successes, interconnectiveness to others, personal goals, and future hopes and plans. People who have received individual services with Ward Halverson and his colleagues often return later, sometimes years later, and regularly refer their family and friends.

Whatever the case, use the sub-headings presented on this web page as a way to, hopefully better-understand your own unique dynamic.