The SimpleThree Treatment System
To Ends Childhood Defiance

SimpleThree is a highly-structured system of child management designed specifically to end - usually in about a week - oppositional defiance and childhood anger management problems. It also immensely improves handling of Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for parents who have been struggling. SimpleThree focuses more on management of children than the children themselves, through a time-tested, clinically-proven, two-part approach. Along with the main book, there are several other components to the complete SimpleThree system: a special markerboard with equipment and practice guide, a rules and level system laminate, letters to community resources, a training DVD, a practice CD, and a package of reminder stickers.

Thousands of children have found success, often for the first time, with SimpleThree. About 1,200 children in the Mohawk Valley are on SimpleThree at any one time. Parents love the structure and consistency it bring to their families. It ends arguing fast.

The first step of SimpleThree focuses on the three key parenting concepts of Simple, Respectful, and Consistent. Once in place, usually after about half an hour of training and practice, a behavioral modification process - the second step - begins. This is a very specific and structured level system oriented around the colors green for rewards, yellow for caution, and red for consequences. Children move up and down the level system based on their adherence to three SimpleThree rules, which focus on showing respect, controlling anger, and being responsible. They learn quickly to simply follow the rules. Not just the home, but the school, extended family, and community are incorporated into the treatment model, which is incredibly simple, easy to learn, and based on old fashioned common sense.

Many further resources are available online at and the SimpleThree Resource Center in Herkimer, New York at (315) 868-1000 or toll-free (877) 891-1109.


Show Respect: Treat others as you would want to be treated, use manners and appropriate language, be honest, listen when others speak, ask permission for snacks, have permission to use other people’s things or go in their rooms

Control Anger: Accept “no” for an answer the first time; go to your room if upset; use a calm voice when inside; no hurting, threats, or property destruction

Be Responsible: Follow directions from adults the first time, finish homework before play, clean room and pick up after self, care for pets, make sure a parent knows where you are, keep up basic hygiene


GREEN: Can visit friends’ houses, latest curfew/bedtime, overnight stayovers allowed, maximum use of electronics/phone, special trips or occasions allowed, extra TV privileges, unlimited items in own room, use of bikes or outdoor equipment, all special privileges/sports when appropriate, daily allowance

YELLOW: Can visit friends’ houses with limitations, early curfew/bedtime, friends over but no stayovers, some electronics limitations (2 items lost), normal TV privileges, restricted phone use, some room items removed, special privileges/sports only allowed with permission, limited bike use, no allowance if at any point on Yellow

RED: Grounded to house, no time with friends, no special trips, no phone or electronics, room likely emptied, earliest bedtime, special privileges and sports cancelled or delayed, daily deduction of 2X allowance paid to parents

Time Out Until Calm: Escorted to room (except bathroom, meals, school), consider emergency respite or temporary hospitalization, call police if unsafe – return to Red with Warning afterward




  • If a rule is broken, no matter where it happens, the child is given a clear, verbal warning. Any adult, including a teacher, can give the child a warning. There is no discussion.
  • On a markerboard, the adult notes the level, warning status, and time (include AM/PM)
  • Warnings expire after 24 hours of excellent behavior. With a warning, at any time, if the child breaks another rule, s/he is moved “down” one level. The child moves “up” a full level after 24 hours of no warnings