Veteran Services

Ward Halverson is, first and foremost, a combat veteran himself. He was an army medical officer and reservist called up to fight in Afghanistan in 2004 for pre-mob training at Fort Benning, George, then 2005 and 2006 in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. As the OIC of Detainee Mental Health Operations, Captain Halverson and his team was tasked with the job of creating and maintaining a mental health system for 700 captured Afghan and global detainees, as well as their 200-some MP guards. He also participated and helped lead humanitarian and other missions around the country, then returned home both proud of his service and disoriented by regional misunderstandings about the unique mental health world of combat veterans. Quickly, Halverson became involved - and ultimately a local leader - with Central New York veteran mental health support. He is currently chair of the annual CNY Veterans Expo, outpatient contractor with the Syracuse Vet Center, Red Cross volunteer, and coordinator of regular Mohawk Valley social events for veterans and their family members, among other interests. Working with veterans is one of Ward Halverson's greatest sources of pride. He always puts veterans and military personnel issues first, and maintains the greatest respect for those who have served their country, in whatever capacity.

Whatever the case, use the sub-headings presented on this web page as a way to, hopefully better-understand your own military dynamic or challenges, and the role it may play in your, and your family member's, lives.