What is Cornerstone

What can Cornerstone do for myself or my family?

If you're struggling with kids who are oppositionally defiant, you're in safe hands with Cornerstone. For more than ten years, Cornerstone has helped families learn how to manage children who fight against the rules, argue with authority figures, blame others for their misbehavior, deliberately annoy people, and use temper tantrums to get their way. Cornerstone will stand with you, explain that such behavior is unacceptable, and walk you through the process to end it. In your initial visit, we will conduct a basic assessment, determine the best course of action, and help you begin the work necessary to turn your child into a happier, healthier, functional member of your family, as well as a productive achiever in school and society. Cornerstone believes in getting to work immediately. Click Defiance for much more information, or read on.

What about other family problems?

Thousands of families in the Herkimer County area struggle with problems, such as depression, anxiety, irrational fears, and attention-deficit issues, as well as marriage and communication challenges, conflict, stress, moods, discipline - it doesn't matter. Cornerstone has the most qualified, experienced, competent family therapists anywhere in the area. There is virtually no problem Cornerstone hasn't encountered before, and treated successfully. Cornerstone will listen to your situation with sensitivity and warmth, carefully teasing apart the complex details and history, helping you to understand the root causes and begin working on solutions.

How does Cornerstone help with kids?

Although children can be amazingly resilient, they often struggle during the growing up process. This is normal. Cornerstone will work with you and your child to first determine whether there is a serious problem. Cornerstone will work with your pediatrician or family doctor - most of whom in the area Cornerstone is familiar with, and has worked with closely for years. Cornerstone will work with your child's teachers and administrators. Cornerstone will work with the local police, virtually all of whom know Cornerstone as "the organization that helps out-of-control kids" and "gets the job done." Cornerstone will work with your child's friends and community influences, extended family, or anyone else who can be a resource. But most importantly, Cornerstone will work with you. As a parent, you are the most important person in your child's life, and - most likely - as you change the way you treat and manage your child, so will your child's behavior.

How do I reach Cornerstone?

Cornerstone uses electronic voice messaging and cellular access for most communication. For that reason, we can be contacted in some form 24 hours per day.

Phone: (315) 868-1000
Fax: (315) 866-3174
Toll Free: (877) 891-1109
E-mail: ward.halverson@verizon.net
Emergencies: MCAT in Oneida and Herkimer counties at (315) 732-6228

What about cost?

Child and family therapy with Cornerstone costs $125 dollars/hour, but all major and local insurances are accepted, including Fidelis, Child Health Plus, Medicaid, Medicare, United Health Care, United Behavioral Health, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, MVP, Tri-Care, Allied, POMCO, and others.